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San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

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Dive into the rich history of this part of Texas and travel back in time to learn and experience so much about the important people, cultures, and events that shaped this great state. The National Historical Park includes four different mission sites: San Jose, Concepcion, San Juan, and Espada. Each one offers unique opportunities to explore. Please note that you can only visit as a tourist during park hours as these admissions still operate as Catholic churches with regular service times. Of course, you are welcome to attend them, as well, although private events are sometimes held here.

If you come to the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park as a visitor eager to learn, you may like to enjoy the in-depth audio tour. Although you can opt for a scheduled tour program led by a knowledgeable park ranger, people who prefer to walk around on their own can appreciate the historic stories and information recorded for you. Besides tours of all four missions, small gatherings take place every afternoon that involve talks about architecture, artwork, and surrounding natural beauty.

What will you see on your visit to this Missions National Park? Experience a unique blend of cultures that affected San Antonio and the surrounding area far back in time. The stately stone buildings are weathered and, in some cases, have been reduced to ruins, but still tell an amazing story of the people who lived there long ago. You will see both Native American influences and Spanish colonial ones. This is reflected well in the beautiful interiors of the church buildings. Don’t forget to check out this place in San Antonio too.


Take some time to explore the beautiful natural site as you wander back in time and imagine how life was so very long ago. The area includes the picturesque Espada Dam, which stands as the sole remaining operational Spanish irrigation system nearby. If you are in need of a deck builder, click here.

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