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Rockwall County Historical Foundation Museum

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County Historical Foundation Museum. The exhibits are located at Manson La Moreaux, named after the family that owned the property longest. This property is ideally located in Harry Myers Park and is worth a visit for anyone living in the area.

Maison Manson La Moreaux

Originally built by W. B. Bowles, one of the original founders of Rockwall County, Texas, this tiny home has been added over the years as it changed hands and the family grew. The two central aisle rooms were enlarged circa 1880. The house had eight rooms outside the hallways, but the Rockwall County Historical Foundation only moved four rooms when it took control of the building with “the intention of turning it off.” it’s turned into a museum.”

The architectural style of the house itself has something to teach visitors about the history and environment of Texas. Clear walkways and high ceilings keep things cool before electric fans or air conditioners come in.

The original home and property changed hands frequently over the years. It only bears the name of the La Moreaux family because they spent most of their time there. The last residents remained until 1981. The content was auctioned off and the house was donated to the Historical Foundation in 1983. The move to Harry Myers City Park allowed more people to come and enjoy waking it up more. Enjoy this historical treasure.

What can we see in the museum?

The Rockwall County Historical Foundation dedicates its time and energy to providing the best educational opportunities for the people of the region. The museum itself covers the entire house, but the gallery is just the old kitchen. Here you can explore most of the historical artifacts and learn about the daily lives of the families that have settled there over the centuries.

Stroll through the remains of Maison La Moreaux to see antique furniture, pianos, kitchenware and homemade electrical appliances like meat grinders and stoves. The museum also has well-preserved clothing, blankets and red birds that died of natural causes.

Spend a full day at Harry Myers Park, which surrounds this historic house and museum. It features cycling and walking paths, a playground for the kids to exercise after an educational tour, a swimming pool to cool off and beautiful natural views everywhere you look.

Go back in time with a tour of the oldest house in Rockwall, Texas. The Museum of Historical Works is maintained as an opportunity to educate and understand the area and the families that have long lived there. Explore ancient architecture, artifacts, and documents from Rockwall County’s early days.

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