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Amarillo Historical Museum

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If you are curious about the history of Amarillo, this museum is the place to visit in Amarillo. It is run by the Amarillo Historical Society. The museum is by appointment, so make sure to call or email ahead of time and make a reservation. The Amarillo Historical Museum delves deep into the history of Amarillo and the sometimes hidden and often forgotten contributions Amarillo has made to Texas, the US, and even the world. This museum is one of the hidden gems in Amarillo. It is also one of the newest and fastest-growing museums in the area. The museum is located along the tracks of the BNSF Railway. Not only does the museum teach Amarillo History, but it is also located in one of Amarillo’s historic school buildings.

A visit to the museum will only take a few hours so make plans to wander around historic downtown Amarillo, grab a bite to eat, or head to another of the smaller museums in the area for the rest of the day. Over 100 years ago, leaders determined themselves to create a legacy and a place for their families to live and prosper for many years to come and laid the first rail of many connecting Amarillo to the outside world. Fast forward to 2013, when businessman Tom “Bub” Warren saw a need for this history to be preserved for generations to come. Our natural beauty was clear to the eye, but what about the behind the scenes history of Amarillo? The men and women who made this town thrive and prosper through tornadoes, the Dust Bowl, the Great Depression, through economic crashes. Through the ups and downs, we as Amarilloans survived and that legacy needed to be preserved and remembered. So, Mr. Warren set out on a quest to create the place where people from all over the world could gather together to celebrate and remember the history of Amarillo, Texas. And just as Amarillo, Texas started with one rail, so did the museum collection.

Founded in 2013, the Amarillo Historical Museum is located on the second floor of a former elementary school. It explores the city’s history beginning from the construction of the first railroad line to today. It was established by local businessman Tom “Bub” Warren, who wanted to showcase the city’s rich history. The museum is housed on the third floor of a former elementary school. Numerous items are on display including photographs, memorabilia, and artifacts.

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